Mr. Stephen Choate is a speaker, author, musician, aspiring filmmaker, and prophet who shares God’s love and words through his Christian ministry, SpeakGodSpeak. Since gaining popularity in 2007, Stephen Choate has witnessed more than 10,000 personal prophecies fulfilled and hundreds of political prophecies come true, such as Sarah Palin’s introduction to national political and the Iraqi war. SpeakGodSpeak now has more than 800,000 followers around the world, which includes individuals of all faiths. Stephen Choate credits all of the predictions to his personal connection with God, consistently affirming that He is the voice behind each prophecy. SpeakGodSpeak and Stephen Choate have been the subjects of significant praise from individuals around the world. A list of Stephen Choate’s predictions and testimonials are available on the SpeakGodSpeak website. Interested parties can contact Stephen Choate at (508) 816-6696 or visit the SpeakGodSpeak website. Stephen Choate provides a number of specialized services through SpeakGodSpeak, including the Personal Pathfinder, which aims to reveal God’s career plans for a given individual. SpeakGodSpeak also offers the School of Prophecy, an online course that teaches students about the history of prophets and their relationship with God. The course includes frequent live events that address specific, relevant topics.

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